Theraquatics Wonder Board

Theraquatics Wonder Board
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Product Description

Dense closed cell foam in a unique "V" shaped design. Can be used for exercises to promote balance, coordination and pelvic stabilization in water. Will not chip, break or absorb water. Latex free.

Wonderboard Techniques by Ruth Sova
Sit ďinĒ the V-shaped Wonderboard, get your spine straight, chin back and tailbone pointed to the pool bottom. Keeping your spine straight and chin back, draw a big circle with your tailbone. Now reverse it. For a progression, continue to keep your spine straight, fold your arms across your chest when you draw the circles.

This simple and fun exercise is excellent for balance, pelvic mobility and trunk stabilization. Using a Wonderboard makes it even more effective.

The Wonderboard, is a V-shaped kickboard and is far more versatile in a therapeutic/exercise setting than a traditional kickboard. As itís name implies, itís excellent for training or re-training (or maintaining) balance skills. Hereís another exercise you can try with the Wonderboard.

Position: Assist client to standing in the V of the Wonderboard. Remove assistance if possible. Client should stand upright. Clients want to lean forward. Continue only with client upright.

Action: Client weight shifts SLOWLY side-to-side (without leaning forward). Begin with partial weight shift and progress to total weight shift. Reps: 8-10, but only with perfect alignment. Considerations: You may need to offer the client a minimal assist either by standing in front of him and holding his hands or standing behind and holding the trunk. Be aware that standing in front often encourages client forward flexion. Watch for the board getting loose. You may want to keep one of your feet positioned in the middle of the board.

Progressions: Have client put hands behind back (while maintaining upright positioning). Move more slowly or remove your assist or create turbulence.

Modification: Turn on the board and weight shift forward and back while in an upright alignment.

There are many exercises that can be done with the WonderBoard. Remember to be creative. If clients are strong you many want to have them sit with the board in an inverted V position. Consider turning the board and sit straddling it like a saddle. Kneeling on the board is another option. Working upper body while holding one end asymmetrically (rather than our traditional symmetrical hold) will decrease stability and therefore increase activation of the stabilizers.

Size: 18" x 13" x 2"
Color: Blue only