Water Dumbbells and Barbells

Theraquatics SlimLine Barbell (sold individually)
Theraquatics Budget Barbell (sold individually)
Theraquatics Aquatic Hand Buoy (sold individually)
Theraquatics Balance Rings - Small (sold individually)
XHeavy Water Workout Dumbbell (sold individually)
Theraquatics Balance Rings - Large (sold individually)
Theraquatics Budget Smile Hands (sold in pairs)
Aqua Gloves - Pair
Theraquatics Aqua Boxing Gloves (sold in pairs)
Theraquatics Foam Dumbbell Discs (sold in pairs)
Theraquatics Turbo Hand Bar (sold individually)
Theraquatics Easy Grip Dumbbells
AquaDisc (sold in pairs)
Push Bell (sold in pairs)
Silicone Aqua Gloves
Theraquatics Swim Barbell  (sold individually)
Long Bar Buoy
Swim Trainer Barbell
Aqua Exerciser Aquatic Paddles (sold in pairs)
AquaFlex Paddle Water Fan (sold in pairs)
Sprint Aquatics Power Paddles (sold in pairs)
Lattice Head Bat
Arthritis Pro Water Workout Buoys (sold in pairs)
Play Paddle
Hydro-Tone Hydro-Bells (Sold in Pairs)
Water Gear Resistance Bells (sold in pairs)
AquaLogix Pool Bells
Aquabells Dumbbells
Air Weight
Small Swim Ring
Heavy Resistance Barbell with Fillable Handle
AquaStrength Bells
AquaStrength Barbell
Resista Ball Soft Weight (Sold in Pairs)
Fitdeck Dumbbells
Thera-Band Hand Bars (sold individually)
Thera-Band KickRoller Swim Aid
Thera-Band Closed Chain Disk (sold individually)
Hydro-Tone Water Weight Bells (Sold in Pairs)
Body Bar Aqua Flex
AquaFlex Instructional DVD