Peanut Ball - 22"

Peanut Ball - 22"
Item# 8001

Product Description

Peanut Ball - 22"
Provides extra stability over traditional exercise ball as the ball only rolls forward and backward. Has small grooves to provide extra traction. Helps to relax muscles while increasing flexibility in abdominals, thighs and lower back. Used as a tool in proprioceptive activities, strengthening, and balance training. Can be easily washed. Roomy enough for two, so a therapist and client can share the Peanut Ball. Can be used in animal therapy. Available in Yellow color only. Most popular and versatile size. For ages 2+. Please note that this item requires inflation.

Size: 43" (length) x 22" (diameter of the "fatter" ends)

Special Needs Corner:
Excellent therapy tool. By definition of the cylindrical shape, movement is limited to two planes. Forward and backward is the primary plane, with up or down motion added as the subtle but secondary plane of movement. Therefore, the peanut shape is desirable when more controlled balance activities are utilized. Additionally, the contoured saddle shape in the center tends to cradle and support the user laterally, thus providing increased safety. This inexpensive peanut shape is ideal for any professional therapy program as well as being affordable for home exercise.