Gyroscopic Ring

Gyroscopic Ring
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Product Description

Gyroscopic Ring
Ring can be oscillated to contract muscles of wrist, elbow, shoulderand trunk. LCD displays time and counter revolutions. The gyroscope ring utilizes several scientific dynamics including gravity, momentum and centrifugal force to create an exciting, fun juggling workout.

How to use?
The object of the toning ring is to simply get the ball moving around the tube. The gravitational pull and push of the ball going through the tube provides a workout in itself while toning muscles in the arms, abs and back. It is a simple yet powerful exercise if done consistently. Naturally the faster and longer you make the ball go around the tube the harder and more intense the workout. The LCD display counts the rotations of the ball within the tube. Generally people use just the one arm to do the exercises, with the tube held vertically in front of them, then (like the tradtional old school Gyro rings) you simply try to get the ball moving around the tube. Once some speed is built up you will feel the equipment working all your muscle groups- it is then simply a case of altering speed and maybe the position of the ring to change your workout.

Diameter- 20"