Swim Ring - Medium

Swim Ring - Medium
Item# 9397M

Product Description

Swim Ring - Medium
Generously proportioned fabric ring filled with polystyrene beads. Shape of ring can be "plumped" around swimmer to accommodate buoyancy and comfort issues. The ring can be opened up for swimmers who cannot lift their arms above their head. The velcro opening also enables a firmer fit around the swimmer. A comfortable alternative to inflatable rings. Latex free. See About Us pages for care and use of this float.

Inside Circumference Sizes: Medium 40", Large 52"

Customer Reviews:

"I have very successfully used several types of your fabric floats for about 4 years in both our pool and ocean activities. The blue swim rings are my favorite because they are easy to get on and off with the Velcro opening, they are soft and conform to oneís body and particular grip, two can be used together for versatile and extra support where needed, and they are squishy so caregivers can grab them easily when supporting their participants in the water. Iíve also used them as a type of extra seatbelt to comfortably stabilize patrons in beach wheelchairs as we travel along the shore and then transfer easily as we float out into the ocean."