Anti-burst Physio Balls

Anti-burst Physio Balls
Item# 9575

Product Description

Anti-burst Physio Balls
"Anti-burst" ball style. Superior quality. Maintains roundness under heavy loads and firmness under sustained pressure. Ideal for back strengthening programs to improve posture and prevent back pain. Focus on balance and co-ordination. These balls have a foam texture (not a slippery surface). The balls are shipped uninflated, and can be inflated quickly and easily with a ball pump or tyre pump (instructions included).

This ball is also popular with soon-to-be moms. Exercises performed regularly during pregnancy strengthen the "pushing" muscles, vital for the second stage of labor. Furthermore, gently rocking and swaying on it can encourage a baby's head to descend and settle into the pelvis. At the hospital, use the ball to speed and help ease some of the pain during labor. Sitting on warm compresses placed upon the Anti burst ball eases pelvic floor arching and helps relax the pelvic floor. After the birth, use the ball to calm a fussy or crying baby by holding him or her in your arms as you gently bounce.


Red 50cm (20in) Anti-Burst Ball Recommended for 4'11" to 5'5".

Blue 65cm (26in) Anti-Burst Ball Recommended for 5'5" to 5'11".

Blue 75cm (30in) Anti-Burst Ball Recommended for 5'11" to 6'4 ".

Red 85cm (34in) Anti-Burst Ball Recommended for 6'4" and over.

Special Needs Corner:
Excellent for spinal cord injured swimmer who has some or all trunk function and no leg use.