Adult Swim Diaper

Adult Swim Diaper
Item# 9521A

Product Description

Adult Swim Diaper
Appropriate for swimmers with urinary and/or fecal incontinence. Worn alone or under bathing suit, the Theraquatics Swim Diaper is an essential accessory for access to public pools. These Swim Diapers help public swimming facilities meet standards for healthy swimming. Regular diapers are not required when wearing these reusable swim diapers.

Made from an absorbent terry lining with a snug, watertight poly outer shell. Theraquatics Swim Diapers have an elasticized leg and waist. The full-seated style of the Theraquatics Swim Diaper offers discrete and secure protection against heavier urinary and bowel leakages. The swimming diaper must sit firmly i.e. no gaps, around waist and top of leg to be effective. It is easy to make slight adjustments on the pant with a sewing machine. Washable and reusable. Chlorine resistant. Pants come in various sizes determined by waist measurement. 9521 available in white color only.

Adult Swim Diaper Sizes:
Adult Small (23-41 inch Waist(Hips no larger than 41")/17-25 inch Thigh) - Temporarily out of Stock - Contact us for details.
Adult Medium (26-46 inch Waist(Hips no larger than 46")/20-27 inch Thigh)
Adult Large (28-48 inch Waist(Hips no larger than 48")/23-29 inch Thigh)
Adult X-large (33-55 inch Waist(Hips no larger than 55")/22-32 inch Thigh)
Adult XX-large (38-59 inch Waist(Hips no larger than 59")/21-31 inch Thigh)

Instructions on how to Care For Your Adult Swim Diaper:
After use:
1. Rinse well
2. Warm machine wash, using only non-chlorine bleach
3. Line dry