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Air Weight
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Product Description

Exercise has beneficial effects such as decreasing depression, increasing health and improving cognitive performance in older adults. Other potential benefits of exercise includes improved appetite, sleep, increased bone density and improved balance. The Air Weights are covered in a durable vinyl and have a foam grip handle that makes them easy to use yet gentle if dropped. Each Air Weight is assigned a number; These are not weight measurements, but maximum resistance in buoyant force. The size of each Air Weight determines the buoyancy and how many pounds of pressure you will have to use to keep it under water! The Air Weights are a convenient and safe alternative to standard weights and offers the following benefits:

Low shipping cost
Soft impact when dropped
Comfortable handles
Eliminates straps around frail skin
Convenient size for storage and packing
Four convenient sizes: 3, 5, 8 and 10 Pounds - When filled completely with air.
Anti-bacterial surface

Easy to Use
Water resistive therapy is excellent for strengthening the upper body and offers less risk to strain than land based exercise. The product is also excellent for support and balance in the water. The Aqua Air Weight is manufactured from chlorine resistant vinyl and dries quickly. The air valve provides easy filling access and can be filled by mouth or with the optional air pump. Depending on the amount of air filled, the buoyant force will vary. Consult any exercise manual for recommended exercises. It is suggested that exercise should be moderate at the beginning and the weight increased as recommended by a health care professional.

Easy Care
Wash with clean water after use in chlorine or salt water.
The vinyl can be wiped clean with a standard disinfectant.

This listing is for ONE Air Weight.

Item Number
Air-Weight-914800 (3 Pound)
Air-Weight-914801 (5 Pound)
Air-Weight-914802 (8 Pound)
Air-Weight-914803 (10 Pound)