Allermates Allergy Wristbands

Allermates Allergy Wristbands
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Product Description

AllerMates Allergy Wristbands are bright and colorful and designed to be noticed. They come with three adjustable snaps and should fit most kids from the age of 2 and up (fits most adults as well). All wristbands are hypo-allergenic (latex-free), waterproof and thoroughly tested for safety and quality. For multiple allergies, try layering these colorful bands. Combined shipping discounts offered and applied automatically when checking out. In the group photo above the Allermates old design with shiny metal snaps is featured, though the bands have been redesigned with sturdy, colorful, nickle free snaps. See individual listings for photos.

Features: Three adjustable snaps Latex free band & Nickel Free snaps Meets and exceeds US and European safety standards

Sizing: Bracelet measures 7 inches long with snaps that enable it to adjust to small wrists (55mm or 6") as well as medium/large (6.5" or 70mm) wrists.

The Characters:

Peanut Allergy Wristband - "P. Nutty" P. Nutty would love nothing more than to be cool and popular, however, now that so many kids have allergies, he’s been asked to not show up at school anymore. To keep himself occupied, P. Nutty has picked up some popular hobbies, which include yoga and playing blues harmonica.

Egg Allergy Wristband -"Eggie" Eggie works at the local AllerTown Diner. He spends a few hours each day trying to figure out which comes first, the chicken or the egg and which part of him some kids are allergic to… the whites, the yolk or both.

Tree Nut Allergy Wristband - "Nutso" Nutso is known worldwide for his NUTTY antics. His favorite pastime is playing hide and seek with parents of allergic kids (driving parents NUTS searching for traces of him in all food labels). He also enjoys bouncing around and hanging upside-down from trees... after all he is a tree nut.

Dairy Allergy Wristband - "Pint" Pint can be very difficult to track down. He is always on the run, imagining that young, allergic kids are chasing him. He has even been known to wear various disguises (i.e., cheese, yogurt, ice cream, etc).

Shellfish Allergy Wristband - "Crabby" Crabby comes from a large family of powerful gangsters…the Shellfisho family. His uncle is Lob-Boss and his sidekick is Scampi the Shrimp. Allergic kids are smart to avoid them. When Crabby is not busy “working,” he enjoys eating spaghetti and combing his eyebrows.

Penicillin Allergy Wristband - "Supercillin" Like many superheroes before him, Super-Cillin was created in a lab practically by accident by a brilliant scientist. His powers include the ability to destroy his arch enemy, the yucky BACTERIA, with a single piercing shot. POW! Unfortunately in some cases, Super-Cillin’s nemesis is none other than… himself. Not only can’t he save allergic kids, his super powers can actually harm them. His favorite food is broccoli (of course) and he loves to read comic books.

Wheat / Gluten Free Wristband - "Professor Wheatley" Professor Wheatley encourages all of his allergic students to become excellent readers so that they can study food labels. He is currently working on his thesis…the History of Wheat in Canned Soups. In his free time, the Professor enjoys stargazing and reciting the national anthem backwards.

Insect Sting Allergy Wristband - "Bizzzy" Bizzzy is a CEO of a large financial corporation called Stingers Inc. - a company which is very powerful and feared by all – even non allergic kids. He can be quite bossy to everyone around him. In whatever spare time he does have, he enjoys dinners at the Honeycomb, an exclusive restaurant at his private country club in which you guessed it - yellow jackets are required.

Latex Allergy Band - "Dr. StrangeGlove" Dr. Strangeglove used to work as a doctor in a hospital. When he discovered that co-workers and patients were getting sick from being exposed to him, he decided to switch careers. Since then he has found the perfect job … as a soothing, radio talk show host giving families much needed advice about love, life and allergies. In his free time he enjoys expensive

Diabetes MediMates- "Tab" The AllerMates diabetes medical bracelet, featuring TAB, our very own original cartoon character, can help bring awareness to your child's health concern in a charming way. Tab is one of the N'Silin brothers representing T1 and T2 diabetes! Perfect for school, parties, sports activities and play dates!