Aqua Sphere SEAL KID Swim Mask

Aqua Sphere SEAL KID Swim Mask
Item# 9506

Product Description

Aqua Sphere SEAL KID Swim Mask
With a flexible frame, watertight fit and kid-friendly easy-adjust buckles, this mask is both comfortable and fuss-free for wearer and carer. Designed for children 4 to 12 years or for small adults, the mask fits over the brow and offers a 180 degree field of vision without distortion (far more than the 70-degree vision available with traditional goggles). Features a wrap around shape with crystal clear scratch and fog resistant UV protection lens. Made from a highly durable hypoallergenic material with a leak proof skirt, this mask will keep water out of sensitive young eyes. Includes tough carry case.

The Seal Kid and Seal Kid 2 model both have a larger frame with a narrow nose. This mask is consequently more of an "elementary" age mask. The Vista Jr is more of a recessed mask (not as large as the Seal Kid) and is wider in the nose. More popular with kids up to around age 12 and is considered more of a "middle school" mask. Please note that when choosing masks the fit around the nose is often what determines the appropriate size. We stock both models in all colors- see our eBay store for more details.

Did you Know? Swimming goggles come in a variety of tints. Choose your tint based on where you swim and what you want to accomplish. For indoor swimming, clear goggles are designed to provide the greatest visibility.

If you are swimming mostly outdoors, blue, green and gray (smoke) lenses can help shield your eyes from the sun. This is especially helpful when doing backstroke or kicking on your back.


Smoke Lens/Lime Frame

Seal 2.0* Clear Lens/Lime Frame

Seal 2.0* Clear Lens/Blue Frame

Seal 2.0* Clear Lens/Coral Frame

Seal 2.0* Clear Lens/Violet Frame

*Seal 2.0 offers improved skirt design, even distribution of pressure, updated side buckles, more durable and shape retentive

Customer Comment: "Highly recommended. I bought these for my 5 year old son who was afraid of getting his eyes wet and going under water. They cost a little bit more than the regular goggles, but well worth it. They don't fog up, water never gets in them like regular goggles. The strap is so easy to adjust. I love them! He can put them on himself with not problem and they are very durable. Towards the mid summer he got the confidence to swim under water with them on and by the end of the summer was going under with out them."

Item Number:
2B_9506-171460 (Smoke Lens/Lime Frame)
2B_9506-175310 (Clear Lens/Lime Frame 2.0)
2B_9506-175300 (Clear Lens/Aqua Frame 2.0)
2B_9506-175330 (Clear Lens/Violet Frame 2.0)
2B_9506-175320 (Clear Lens/Coral Frame 2.0)