Aqua Band - Factory Seconds

Aqua Band - Factory Seconds

Product Description

Aqua Band - Factory Seconds
These Aqua Bands are genuine Aqua Bands that were produced as a limited run from Aqua Band's United Kingdom distributor.

They were made with a hand hole either side of the band, with the idea that the user could thread their hand through the hole for extra grip. Many of our customers have said that this is a weak point in the band and they don't suggest using the holes. See photo for reference.

The Aqua Band is structurally strong and performs all the same purposes as the original band when used without using the hand holds. However, as the item is not quite perfect we are selling at a closeout price.

Theraquatics recommends these in residential settings. These are closeout prices and are only available while stocks last. Please note that there are no refunds or returns on these bands. Bands are sold individually.