Aqua Blob Sensory Mat

Aqua Blob Sensory Mat
Item# B4A-146

Product Description

Aqua Blob Sensory Mat
Stay cool this summer with Aqua Blob, your own personal water bed. Aqua Blob is made of heavy duty vinyl with colorful printing. A large hose opening makes it easy to fill and the rubber stopper means it is secure. You can even add your own food coloring to the water inside to create a unique combo for each child. Chill out and lounge in the grass or on a deck. Aqua Blob weighs over 100 lbs once filled, so be sure to fill it where you want it to be. Remove shoes when using and be sure underneath area is clear of debris. Not recommended to be used on grass for extended period of time as it will affect grass growth, especially if in direct sunlight.

Durable Vinyl with colorful printing
Size: 40" x 31"
Easy to fill nozzle
Ages 3+
Maximum weight: 150 lbs.

Add 12 fishies to your AquaBlob!! Creates a great sensory experience! Choose the Option: AquaBlob with 12 Large Fish!


Limit three (3) Aqua Blob's per customer