Aqua Gloves - Pair

Aqua Gloves - Pair
Item# 6034

Product Description

Aqua Gloves - Pair
New and improved design! Made from soft, pliable neoprene. Easy to put on with Velcro� fastening. Helps increase distance per stroke. Designed to increase resistance and build strength. Maintains mobility of the hand. Fantastic in water aerobics classes and resistance programs. This glove will also be a worthy addition to those who scuba or snorkel, increasing speed and control in the water. Those practicing water polo, water volleyball, water basketball, and any other water sport will benefit greatly. See all our Theraquatics products for other water exercise products like jogging belts, cuffs and dumbbells.

Small - Red
Small - Slate Blue
Medium - Purple
Medium - Slate Blue
Large - Royal Blue
Large - Slate Blue
X Large - Black
X Large - Slate Blue

Choosing sizes: Small is suggested for the average teen, Medium is for an average woman, Large is for an average man (please note that these sizes are approximations only).