Aqua Loop

Aqua Loop
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Product Description

Aqua Loop
Aqua-Band Loop is an ideal multi-purpose aquatic band. A huge variety of moves and motions can be performed to help improve strength and flexibility.Perfect resistance tool for water based fitness & physical therapy. Aqua-band loop comes in two levels of resistance, Light Original and heavy Extreme.
These are products that can be used multiple times in chlorinated pools. A simple wash in fresh water after use, will keep your loop in the right condition for re-use during your therapy or exercise program.No need for the application of powder, just wash and dry after use for optimum longevity.

Choose from 2 resistances:
Aqua-Band Loop - Original - Red
Aqua-Band Loop - Extreme - Blue - Discontinued

Item Number:
AQLOOP-R5 (Aqua Band Original)
AQLOOP-B5 (Aqua Band Extreme)