Aqua Sphere Arm Floats

Aqua Sphere Arm Floats
Item# aqua-sphere-arm-floats

Product Description

Michael Phelps Swim Method

When a child moves beyond the need for the more substantial support of the swim vest, the next step can be the arm floats, which start to wean her off the need for floating assistance. Our arm floats are made from a soft fabric around foam that is comfortable against her skin no scratchy or sharp edges. The inflatable internal bladder ensures a perfect fit.

Buoyancy aid provides assisted floating
Soft fabric shell provides comfort against the skin
Foam buoyancy for safety and reliability
Inflatable internal bladder for added buoyancy and a perfect fit
Comes with a mesh carrier bag
2 sizes
Medium - Target age 2-3 years/ 33 - 39lbs
Large - Target age 3-6 years/ 39 - 66lbs
2 Colors