AquaJogger Classic Belt

AquaJogger Classic Belt
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Product Description

AquaJogger Classic Belt
Looking for a low-impact water workout that won't get your hair wet?

The AquaJogger Buoyancy belt supports 90% of your body's weight while suspending you at shoulder level in the water. You will burn twice the calories while promoting balanced muscular toning.

This low impact cardiovascular conditioning is perfect for someone who is healing an injury to tendons, ligaments, muscles or joints.

Change attitudes about exercise with this deeply invigorating, stress relieving workout. Have fun while working out!

The AquaJogger is also great for scuba trips, allowing you to float comfortably while snorkeling!

The closed cell foam will resist chlorine damage, doesn't absorb water, and dries quickly. The design promotes strength in the lower back while narrowing at the waist for comfort.

Foam dimensions: 25 3/4" length 11 1/2" width 1 3/8" thick. Foam can be worn upside down or with foam in the front of the body to fit different body shapes. A 48 inch elastic belt adjusts to allow you to breathe easily. The belt fits up to a 44" waist.