AquaStrength Barbell

AquaStrength Barbell
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Product Description

AquaStrength Barbell
The 36" Aquastrength Barbell is ideal for fitness enthusiasts looking for new and innovative ways to take their workout to the next level and challenge their core strength and rotary stability. Itís unique design allows the user to perform a multitude of exercises. Whether it is being used on it's own, as part of a circuit, for High intensity training, or to improve lifting techniques in a safe environment, the barbell is guaranteed to change the way you workout.

Barbell Features:
*Provides multi-directional resistance in the water
*Adjust grip to progress / regress exercise variations
*Use in deep or shallow water
*Ideal for taking CrossFit style workouts to the water
*Won 2016 NZ Plastics Award

Customer Comments:
"Off season is a vital part of ski racing. You need to balance your strength and flexibility and come into each season 100% ready to compete. During my off season one of the many things I do is aquatic work. If you say working out in the pool is not difficult, you obviously havenít tried it before. Incorporating the Aquastrength equipment definitely helps enhance my aquatic training workouts."
- Jeremy E
Alpine Skiier

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Aquastrength brings the most comprehensive and efficient equipment and workout programs to the water to improve overall health and fitness through a complete aquatic resistance training system. The Aquastrength System draws on cutting-edge research to deliver world-class functional fitness programs that focus on improving strength, balance, mobility, sports performance and injury recovery.