AquaStrength Bells

AquaStrength Bells
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AquaStrength Bells
The Aquastrength Bells provide gyms, personal trainers, athletes and fitness enthusiasts with a unique way of challenging their strength, coordination, flexibility, speed and power. The bells come in one size meaning the same set of bells can be used by any age or ability - ideal for Group Fitness classes. Their unique design puts the user in control, the harder they push, the harder the workout, making it easy to provide exercise progressions / regressions.

*One size fits all
*Ergonomic design reduces forearm fatigue
*Open handle allows you to easily pass from one hand to another
*Use in shallow water or add floatation belt for deep water training
*Provides resistance in all directions
*Won 2016 NZ Plastics Award

Customer Comments:
"My client has lost 1 inch of fat off of her arms since beginning the Aquastrength training and is only in her 5th week of our Aquastrength Small Group Training."
- Denise Greaf
Aquastrength Master Trainer

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Aquastrength brings the most comprehensive and efficient equipment and workout programs to the water to improve overall health and fitness through a complete aquatic resistance training system. The Aquastrength System draws on cutting-edge research to deliver world-class functional fitness programs that focus on improving strength, balance, mobility, sports performance and injury recovery.