Aquatic Ankle Cuffs (Sold in Pairs)

Aquatic Ankle Cuffs (Sold in Pairs)
Item# 8008

Product Description

Aquatic Ankle Cuffs (Sold in Pairs)
Sand filled neoprene cuff with Velcro closure. Individual cuff weighs 1.1lb, total weight of pair is 2.2lbs. Soft neoprene molds around ankle for a comfortable and secure fit. For larger ankles we offer Aquatic Ankle Cuffs with 8" extender straps. Sleek neoprene exterior with adjustable strap - easily adjusts to hug the wrist and ankle for a customized fit. If you require the extenders only, please contact us; they are $9.50 for the extender only (Item 8008E). All 8008 products are sold in pairs.

Use in Pool on on Land
Used in the pool, these weights will not mar, scratch or rust the pool floor like lead based ankle weights often do. Wrist and ankle cuff weights are used as a way of adding leverage resistance to the arms and legs in exercise workouts. Hands can remain free as the wrist cuff doesn’t need to be held in a grip, and the ankle cuff is not attached to any major muscle and therefore can be used in almost any exercise.

Benefits of Using Wrist/Ankle Weights
Wrist/ankle weights can provide a good workout for your muscles when performing even simple movements such as kicking, walking, jumping, using a jump rope or shadow boxing because a person doesn’t have to hold the weights with the hands. Wrist/ankle weights allow individuals to move their arms and legs freely, providing good resistance and creating a more effective workout.

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