Aquatrek2 ADA Forward Walking Ladder System

Aquatrek2 ADA Forward Walking Ladder System
Item# ADA

Product Description

The Aquatrek2 ADA Forward Walking Ladder System is the most therapeutic system for ADA access. With a full 12 inch tread depth and inside stepped handrails that provide a horizontal hand grab with a horizontal foot step; allows for unlimited hand holds and stability. The forward walking ADA Pool Ladder system is ideal for long term placement. At least 2 people are required to place and remove the ladder systems.

We custom build every access system to fit your pools needs and requirements. Call us with any product questions.

The same quality pool ladders as our standard Aquatrek2 products, specifically modified to meet the ADA standard for 2nd entry method requirements for inground pool steps and above ground pool steps. Ideal for long term placement pool access, handicap access and an ADA secondary access point. The Aquatrek2 ADA modified forward walking ladder system has a 600 pound weight capacity and a full 12 inch tread depth. Both Side screens included.


- No open risers
- 8 Max. Riser Height
- 8" tread depth ** We have 12" **
- 24 Max. Width Between Handrails
- Top Landing Handrail Extensions -** No longer required but our users prefer them.
- Inside stepped handrails at 35" above tread edge
- One Side Screens Included

All of our ADA units provide a unique 24 inch wide handrail offering unlimited hand positions and provides maximum stability to the user.


The AquaTrek2 ADA Ladder is available in 3,4, 5 ,6 or 7 tread (step) models. This unit is built for heavyweight durability but maintains portability. The 30-inch wide treads provide a comfortable walking area. The reinforced siderails provide strength and stability for use in a commercial pool.

Each tread comes with a nonslip safety surface in two colors, yellow and black. The AquaTrek2 Ladder is removed for automatic pool cleaners, retractable pool covers and solar blankets. This product is the practical solution for aquatic access.

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