Aquatrek2 ADA Tread Step System

Aquatrek2 ADA Tread Step System
Item# SADA

Product Description

The Aquatrek2 ADA Pool Steps come with one side screen. If you place next to one wall, you only need one. The Aquatrek2 ADA Pool Steps have a sloped inner rail set that provides additional Support to the user and provides easy removal for the facility.

The Aquatrek2 ADA Pool steps have a 600 pound weight capacity and are the best portable pool steps for frequent removal as a common single person can place and remove them regularly.

The ideal portable pool step solution.
The same quality pool steps as our standard Aquatrek2 products, specifically modified to meet the ADA standard for 2nd entry method requirements.


*No open risers
*7 Max. Riser Height
*12 Minimum Tread depth
*24 Max. Width Between Handrails
*Top Landing Handrail Extensions
*Top railing at 35" above stair nosing
*1.5 of clear space required for handrail wall mounting

* One side skirt provided

All of our ADA units provide a unique 24 inch wide handrail offering unlimited hand positions and provides maximum stability to the user.


The AquaTrek2 ADA Pool Steps are available in 5,6, 7 or 8 tread (step) models. Custom constructed for each facility's pool, this unit is both a lightweight and portable addition for aquatic access. Each tread has two black and one yellow nonslip safety strip. The yellow strips are placed on the front of each tread to help make the treads more visible. The color difference enhances the visual perspective.

Wheels on the bottom of the AquaTrek2 pool Steps allow for ease of movement into and out of the pool. The deck anchors are made of Stainless Steel and all fasteners are made of the finest stainless steel.

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