Item# bilibo

Product Description

Bilibo is a new kind of toy! The elementary shell shape leaves room for a child's imagination instead of imposing a specific play pattern. The Bilibo encourages kids to invent their own games, play and have fun in an active and creative way. The heavy duty Polyethylene can be played with in nearly any surroundings from play room to beach!

When growing older, children will discover new ways of using the shells. Rocking and spinning for instance are great fun and help develop motor skills and the child's sense of balance.

Role playing and make believe games are vital for the child's social development and powers of imagination. Again Bilibo shines as a wonderland accessory and is swiftly turned into a cradle for puppets, or turtle shell, a drum, a cooking pot, a ship, or a hill with caves giving shelter to toy animals... the imagination of children knows no limits.


Dimesions: 15 x 15 x 8"

Ages: 2-7 (or any age really!)

Weight: 1.8lbs

Material: Non-Toxic High-Density Polyethylene resistant to shock even at low temperatures.

Customer Comments: "We got this for our son for Christmas. I thought it was a bit of a gamble, as he would either love it, or not have a clue what to do with it! Well he loved it! Along with the rest of the children in my 'group' This is just what we need these days, a toy with no instructions and which can be used a massive range of ways! Most children like being pulled round in it, or rocking in it, some like standing on it like a stage, it amazes me just how many different things can be done with it! It is meant for children up to seven, but believe me, it is fun for about 30 years after that age! Anyhow, would highly recommend this one."

"Bought this for my two year old but seven year old loves it as well. Would have got two if seven year old wasn't at the top end of the recommended age range but it doesn't really matter. Used as seat, caddy, Teddy's bed, rocker, hat, jumping platform, anything that you or your child can think of. I'm sure come the summer it will be in the garden as a toy's swimming pool."