Blue Telescope

Blue Telescope
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Product Description

A Telescope set for the kids. Tough 12" plastic telescope with clear non-magnifying lenses at each end. Comes with pivoting mounting bracket and mounting hardware. Bring out the astronomers in your child and encourage a bit of space exploration with these fun telescopes. Fantastic kid's size, bright color and bulky easy to grab design makes this a must for any playground and backyard. Fantastic for imagination play. This telescope swivels up and down as well as around.

Colour: Blue telescope with yellow holder

User comment "I bought this knowing it wasn't a working telescope. After all, it was less than $20. Added it to my nephew and niece's fort and they have fun pretending they can see monsters coming across the yard. They don't build an afternoon of fun around just this telescope... it just helps enhance their imagination. Isn't that what play time is all about? I would have given it a fifth star if it had working ocular lenses and shot laser death rays at least 1/4 mile. "