Body Bar Aqua Flex

Body Bar Aqua Flex
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Body Bar Aqua Flex
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This buoyant, lightweight and flexible bar adds a new element of resistance training to your water fitness work out. The popular Body Bar Flex has been redesigned to add its signature resistance workout to a pool! Great for shallow or deep-water exercise. Using this tool can provide a low impact workout for developing strength and endurance, core conditioning, and dynamic flexibility.

Because the bar can be bent at varying degrees and held in different positions, the participant can control the resistance and the intensity of the workout. The basic AquaFLEX exercises are adaptable for beginners through advanced participants. The moves can be performed while standing on the pool bottom, moving in a stationary position, or moving through the water for increased resistance.The bar takes up no room and is perfect for the home gym.

Change attitudes about exercise with this deeply invigorating, stress relieving workout. Have fun while working out!

See the images above for photos of an instructor on land demonstrating certain aquatic exercises.

Resistances Offered:
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Aqua Flex 10 - Maximum 10lbs resistance, 48" length, Beginner to Intermediate
Aqua Flex 20 - Maximum 20lbs resistance, 48" length, Intermediate to Advanced
Aqua Flex 30 - Maximum 30lbs resistance, 48" length, Intermediate to Advanced
Aqua Flex 40 - Maximum 40lbs resistance, 48" length, Advanced

The purchase of a AquaFlex bar includes a 22" x 34" wall chart of exercises.

Item Number:
BBar-10 (Aqua Flex 10)
BBar-20 (Aqua Flex 20)
BBar-30 (Aqua Flex 30)
BBar-40 (Aqua Flex 40)

Temporarily out of stock!