Body Sox

Body Sox
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Body Sox
Body Sox is designed for spatial awareness through balance and resistance. Body Sox features protective walls, dancing images of rolling rocks, hatching eggs, moving puzzle pieces or birds of flight helps to expand your imagination.

Watch children and adults alike begin to understand and explore the three-dimensional space they individually occupy. Experience your body in a new way with this product by increasing body awareness, strength and creativity. Body Sox features a snag-free Velcro opening. Child and adult can mend their relationship as they co-create together inside an extra large or tall size.

Body Sox offers comfortable pressure to those with special needs, especially autistic children. Body Sox produces an experience of "I can see you, but you can't see me" which increases the sense of personal safety, loosens inhibitions and stimulates a spirit of play.

Each sack is constructed from 4-way stretch LYCRA that opens/closes with hook-and-loop material.

Xtra-Small: measuring 34 in x 27 in
Small: measuring 40 X 27 in
Medium: measuring 47 X 27 in
Large: measuring 56 X 28 in
Extra Large: measuring 66 X 28 in
Tall: measuring 74 X 23 in

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