Bottom Buddy

Bottom Buddy
Item# 85-0200

Product Description

This Bottom Buddy is perfect for those wanting to regain control of their most personal hygiene. Great for people recovering from back, shoulder or hand surgeries, battling arthritis, obesity, mobility issues, or simply aging.

The soft, flexible head has 3 tulip-petal sections that easily pull back to allow you to insert and grip any toilet paper or pre-moistened flushable wipe securely. Once inserted the toilet tissue covers the rounded head. A press of the button on the back of the handle pushes out the soiled tissue. No sticking, no touching, no mess. The Bottom Buddy toilet tissue aid is 11 long and a super light weight 4 ounces. Long enough to do the job, but small enough to hide discreetly in a purse or briefcase during work and travel. Travels easily in its own included travel pouch.

Clean up is also simple, simply keep alcohol swabs, or antiseptic soap.

Bottom Buddy is a simple design for a powerful need, giving people back some dignity and independence that they might not otherwise have.

Customer Comments:

"I injured my left rotator cuff and broke my arm in June. Since I am left handed I suddenly found out that my right hand was 3 inches too short to accomplish bathroom duties.. I knew I could just not go to the bathroom until it healed so I tried a shoe horn. swiffer handle and curved stick to no avail. After a few weeks, frustration and humiliation led me to start searching for another answer. That's when I found my Bottom "Butt" Buddy.(my personal name) This product has been my life saver. On a recent trip to Alaska I could tell that the people operating the airport x-ray machines wanted to ask me what it was but never did. They would study it in my carry on bag. It never was far from me the whole trip since one never knows these things. I have shared the info with my Orthopedist, physical therapy staff and many patients. They have given me permission to put a note about it in their offices. I guess you could say I am impressed. I know I will consider myself healed when I can wipe my "butt" and hook my bra with my left hand again. Until then I will carry my constant companion with me. Thanks."

"My husband and I are both disabled, and are also both overweight. Therefore it's difficult for us to clean ourselves after a bowel movement. It's also humiliating to have to ask someone else to assist you. We bought our first Bottom Buddy 4 years ago. It still works well. Recently I got a job and needed one to carry with me to work, so we bought this one. We use baby wipes, and they stay put very well, and we're able to clean ourselves properly with no difficulty. It is easy for our disabled hands to hold and use, and we're not embarrassed by having to ask someone else to help us with this task. "

"The Bottom Buddy is easy to load and use. I got this product because arthritis has limited my flexibility and it is very easy to use.."