Budget Aquatic Balance Board

Budget Aquatic Balance Board
Item# 8009A

Product Description

Item: 8009A

Budget Aquatic Balance Board

This 15" slip resistant balance board has been adapted for water and makes stability exercise a fun and safe experience. Features hand holds for easy grasping.

By standing on the disc and shifting your weight you will work your ankles and calves, as well as your whole lower body. As a result of frequent use of the balance board users will develop better balance, body awareness and joint mobility.

The constant motion of the board will challenge and engage every muscle, giving you more definition while burning calories. Strengthens hamstrings, quads, gluts and calves. This ultra-efficient, low-impact workout will improve your overall fitness, agility and core strength. The non-slip surface and solid pivot point make it an appropriate fitness tool for beginners to advanced participants.

Used on Land:
The Theraquatics Budget Aquatic Balance Board is built to help with balance and proprioceptive exercises, but also strengthens core muscles, improves coordination, develops motor function, and enhances concentration.

The board is 15 inches by 3 inches, and is comprised of hard, durable plastic. The site notes that the product offers 360 degrees of instability and a fixed angle of 20 degrees. It may also serve as an ideal complement to a floor-based Pilates routine.

On land, this balance board is recommended for beginners and intermediate users.