Budget Stretch Cuff

Budget Stretch Cuff
Item# 9547

Product Description

Budget Stretch Cuff
With comfortable and padded ankle straps (featuring a velcro fastening system), the Budget Stretch Cuff is good for a completely different range of lower body exercises. Offering firmer exercise than the Budget Fit Loop, the Budget Stretch Cuff can be used for: lateral stepping, sports drills, group exercise, physical therapy and ofcourse general fitness. These plain, unmarked bands have no insignias or logos and are individually poly-bagged. Made of high quality latex. Compact size is ideal for travel and storage. Approximately 13 inches long (resting length). Circumference: 31 inches

Yellow/XLight (Max Resistance 5 lbs)
Green/Light (Max Resistance 7 lbs)
Red/Medium (Max Resistance 10 lbs)
Blue/Heavy (Max Resistance 14 lbs)
Black/XHeavy (Max Resistance 20 lbs)