Circular Balancing Board

Circular Balancing Board
Item# SS-007373

Product Description

Weplay BalanceBoardMaze challenges children. While standing upon it, a child maneuvers a ball through the molded-in, snail-shaped maze of this 15-1/2 x 21-1/4 inch board. The optimally placed foot-position-imprints on top, and the smooth rotation surface underneath, makes this a beneficial, yet non-threatening challenge. The board's light weight also allows the challenge to become hand-held. Weight limit is 132 pounds.

*The challenge is to move a ball around the top of the balance board
*Excellent exercise for coordination and muscle building
*Students will improve strength and balance
*Safety:No Choke Hazard
*Allergens:Contains No Allergens
*Description:Maze Balance Board