Communication Bracelets

Communication Bracelets
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Product Description

These Bracelets are ideal for people who have difficulty communicating. Non-verbal individuals can point to the symbol on the bracelet to communicate their specific need!

Bracelets are visual aids that communicate "I need help" on one side and on the reverse side they have universal icons or words to express their needs, diet restrictions, or medical conditions.

Because the bracelets are worn and accessible they become an efficient, easy and understandable way to communicate. They come in youth and adult sizes.

Bracelets are lead, latex free and are made of silicone.

All bracelets have embossing on the inside to provide sensory needs, they may be rubbed, twisted, bitten and make a great fidget. They are very popular in health industries, learning environments and with families worldwide!

"How to use the words: I need help:"

1.When a person looks distressed the staff member can say, “Look at your/my bracelet.” This prompts the person to look at the bracelet and then ask for help.

2.Non-verbal people can point to their own bracelet; this will cue the staff member that help is needed.

3.Point to the words on the bracelet and slowly say, “I need”. This cues the person to specifically say what they need.

4.The inside of the bracelet has embossing. For sensory needs some people use the bracelet like a "fidget" to rub and calm themselves when they are anxious or expected to sit still. Bracelets are 100% silicone, non-toxic and lead free.

The bracelets come in adult or youth sizes. The youth size is designed to fit ages 5-13, but many women with smaller wrists and hands prefer the snugger fit of this littler bracelet.

Adult: 7.5"
Youth: 6.5"




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I want _____

Wh Bracelet

I Have a Pacemaker

Customer Reviews:

"“I was so impressed to watch the use of these valuable visual tools in action. The use of the ‘I need help’ bracelets decreases the dependence on verbal prompts leading towards increased independence. Visual tools make sense to the student with autism. When an individual experiences the benefits he will be more likely to develop a pattern of using the phrase in multiple settings. Giving a child a visual symbol to describe feelings decreases the pressure of labeling their emotional state during moments of increased stress or anxiety. Visual tools help make abstract concepts more concrete. This bracelet is a great visual tool and a popular fashion accessory.” Autism Specialist

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