Core Training System

Core Training System
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Product Description

The 22" diameter Dynaso Core Training System is a cross between a fitness ball and a wobble cushion with two attachable resistance cords. You can simultaneously work your arms and shoulders as well as your core. The Wobble Factor will step up your push-up, pike-up or ankle workout by always placing you in a precarious state. Adjust the Wobble Factor by inflating or deflating.

This device can be combined with other equipment to add new exciting regiments; attachable resistance cords are a convenient way to sculpt lean muscle.

This is specially designed to integrate balance and flexibility into every aspect of fitness, sport performance or rehabilitation. This dynamic training device quickly adds an element of versatility and challenge to any incredible angle of activity, be it: cardio, strength training, athletic and sports conditioning, core training, and mind/body/health.

Features: Stable, non-slip base, no hard-edge, safe for exercise Attachable Resistance Cords Inflatable Half Ball Shape 2 sides for different exercises