Critter Caps

Critter Caps
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Product Description

Let your little swimmer enjoy the water with fun Critter caps. The capís 100% soft silicone design provides comfort and durability which protects hair against chlorine and sun damage. These caps come in a variety of designs and are specifically made for youth swimmers with smaller heads. The Critter cap's rippled edges and snug fit around the base of the cap keeps the cap from falling off while swimming.

Soft 100% Silicone
More durable and comfortable than latex; protects hair against chlorine and sun damage

Fun Animal Designs
Soft ears or fins protrude from the top of the head. This listing is for a ORCA swim cap!

Youth Size
Designed specifically for smaller heads. Typically, Youth swim caps are designed to fit kids from 4-10 years.

Rippled Edge
Creates secure fit around base of cap

Snug Fit
Keeps hair pulled cleanly away from face and neck while swimming


White Cat
Silver Piranha
Spotted Blue Fish
Red Cat
Pink Bear
Great White Shark
Grey Camo Shark
Blue Camo Shark
Blue Piranha

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