Delphin Adult Swim Bands

Delphin Adult Swim Bands
Item# S-720

Product Description

Delphin Adult Swim Bands
The unsinkable floating disc for adults. No more tedious blowing up!

2-4 swim discs per arm make even beginners feel safe enough for the first swimming attempts. Ideally suited for deep water swimming.

Depending on the level of anxiety, the number of discs can be increased or reduced as the learner progresses.

The discs are lightweight, soft and adaptable to all arm sizes and are simply fitted onto the upper arm. No wear and tear! When damaged, absolutely no loss of buoyancy can be appreciated because the discs consist of 100% waterproof foam. Resistant to heat, cold, rotting, chlorine-and even saltwater.

The swim discs are not only suitable for learning to swim, they can also be used in the huge field of physiotherapy, especially for exercises in the water. Apart from using them as a swimming aid for non-swimmers, they can give extra buoyancy to your outer limbs.

By increasing the number of discs you wear you can increase buoyancy and thus fine-tune the physical strength you need to apply when doing the exercises. Various tests in spa treatments showed that Delphin swim discs® are ideal for the treatment of post accident injuries, endoprostheses and post spinal disc surgery treatment.

Size: The Disks are durable and can be used on ankles or arms. This price includes 4 interconnecting disks, all with a 7.5" diameter, and 4.5" flexible opening.