Deluxe Hand Paddles

Deluxe Hand Paddles
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Product Description

Deluxe Hand Paddles
Palm hole allows feeling of water passing to encourage proper stroke motion. Hand paddles are designed to provide resistance while exercising in the water or swimming. Replacement straps available. This product comes with 2 paddles, one right and one left.

Sizes: Small (6.5" long and 4" wide), Medium (7" long and 4.5" wide) and Large (8.5" long and 5" wide)

Special Needs Corner:
These paddles can be used to slowly develop the disabled side of the body (eg. hemaplegics, amputees). Be mindful not to use paddles just on the good side of the body to the exclusion of the side with the disability. This strategy results in the over-development of one side of the body.


*Don’t do too much too quickly. Build up your hand paddle use gradually so you’re not at risk of injuring yourself.

*First time users should go for a smaller sized hand paddle to start with. These are designed to give you a tougher work out so again, start small and build up.

*When swimming with your hand paddle on, keep the palm of your hand open and flat as you would when swimming normally. This makes it feel more natural and so when you take your paddles off you continue to swim with this good position.

*Experience swimmers who are looking to increase their training should try using a larger, wider hand paddle as it gives more resistance than a finger paddle or smaller hand paddle. Also try adding in a pull buoy so it puts your body into a better position and prevents any leg kick, so makes your upper body work harder.

*If you experience any muscle pain then stop using your hand paddles. They are designed to push you but it shouldn’t hurt.