Giant Sinking Dino Spots

Giant Sinking Dino Spots
Item# 9513

Product Description

Set of 6 molded vinyl shapes that sink to the bottom of the pool and stay in place- even on a slope. They dry easily for storage.

Use these Dino Spots as a location point for swimmers to begin an activity from that spot or return to it after an activity. Play games where children step/avoid spots, stand on spot, stand with eyes closed on spot, with arms crossed on spot, on one foot on spot or simply make trails of spots. Comes with an activity guide with dinosaur facts. Each Dino Spot is 9" in diameter.

Set Includes: Brachiosaurus, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Dimetrodon, Pterodactyl, Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Special Needs Corner:
For Spinal cord injured or Spina Bifida Kids, it is important to get them under the water so they can feel the water and how it moves around their bodies. This set of 6 highly visible dinos sink to the pool bottom and motivate kids to touch the floor of the pool with their hands and helps them balance their bodies underwater. Similar games include Sinking Smiley Face Pool Spots (item 9513B) and Sinking Farm Animal Pool Markers (Item 9513C).

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