Donut Ball

Donut Ball
Item# DonutBall

Product Description

Cando Donut Ball is a perfect spot for sitting. Donut Balls not only provide a great place for active bottoms, but they are stable enough not to roll away. Donut Balls can be used for a plethora of exercises. The shape offers benefits of a balance ball including core strength and balance improvement.

*Not since the invention of the peanut-shaped physio-roll has the form of an exercise ball been so dynamically linked to its function
*Though Donut Balls can be used on their round edges for some traditional 50cm and amp 65 cm therapy ball exercises, it's their flat sides that set them apart from the others and give them a functional advantage
*The flat sides provide stability, comfort and appropriate heights for performing exercises while the donut hole contour provides secure grasping points for holding Donut Balls between hands or legs for static or dynamic movements.
*Donut profile offers unique balance challenge for core strengthening
*Can be used for sitting, kneeling and exercise
*Use for children or adults

Size Options

X-Small Donut Ball - 45cm dia. x 25cm H - Yellow
Small Donut Ball - 55cm dia. x 30cm H - Orange
Medium Donut Ball - 65cm dia. x 35cm H - Green
Large Donut Ball - 75cm dia. x 40cm H - Red
X-Large Donut Ball - 85cm dia. x 45cm H - Blue

Item Numbers:
DonutBall-30-1951 (X-Small)
DonutBall-30-1952 (Small)
DonutBall-30-1953 (Medium)
DonutBall-30-1954 (Large)
DonutBall-30-1955 (X-Large)