Ear Band-It Swimming Wrap

Ear Band-It Swimming Wrap
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Product Description

Ear Band-It Swimming Wrap
Popular swimmer's headband, designed to hold ear plugs or ear molds in place while swimming or exercising. Extra durable 3 mil neoprene with adjustable Velcro® type closure. Ear Band-It's unique design offers ultimate comfort and protection for the ears. The Ear Band-It® is excellent for swimming, bathing, showering and keeping your ears warm. Great for swimmers with ear tubes. Please note that neoprene is not a waterproof material, although it will keep the majority of water out of the ear canal. Available in five colors (Royal Blue, Red, Purple, Teal and Magenta) and three sizes (Small, Medium and Large).

To choose your size:

Small- fits head size range 16 to 20" (1 to 3 years)

Medium- fits head size range 17 to 21" (4 to 9 years)

Large- fits head size range 19.5 to 24" (10 years to adult)

Note that the headband may be slightly tight when first putting it on. If so, grab each end and pull firmly several times to stretch out the neoprene.