Finis Mermaid Fins

Finis Mermaid Fins
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Finis Mermaid Fins
The Finis Mermaid Monofin is great fun for playing in the pool and for developing a mean dolphin style leg kick.

This fun, brightly colored and durable swimming accessory will keep kids entertained and exercising in the pool for hours. The fin is easy to put on and features a velcro strap which can be adjusted to fit the child's shoe size.

For ages 12 and under, this lightweight soft plastic and TPR foot pocket comfortably fits shoe sizes 1-7.

Special Needs Corner
There are some children with neurological problems which cause the legs to slay into abduction when they are trying to kick. To manage this issue it has been suggested by HCT hydrotherapists that both legs be placed into a single stocking which allows enough opportunity for a small amplitude flutter kick that is done with straight knees. What better way to make this fun than by using our Mermaid Fins to enhance the kick a little further!

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