Flashing Star Ball

Flashing Star Ball
Item# OP-3090
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Product Description

The Flashing Star Ball is cool because it has super bright colors, it bounces, it's a little unpredictable, and it lights up! There are so many ways to relieve your stress with this fun and unique ball: you can roll it around your hand and feel the rubbery points; gently bounce it on your desk and watch it go every which way; bounce it on the floor and try to catch it; or you can watch its colorful flashing lights.

Approximately 2.5" diameter, rubbery plastic, light up mechanism inside.

Customer Review: "This is one of my favorite stress balls because of its amazingly bright colors. The Flashing Star Ball is super eye catching and fun. I think I would decorate my entire desk with these flashy stress balls if I could (well maybe Iím exaggerating just a little). And doesn't it photograph well too? Just look at that awesome photo. It looks that great in person too. Itís flashy, itís bright, it lights up, which makes for a pretty awesome stress ball. "