Friendly Fish Swim Rings (size 2)

Friendly Fish Swim Rings (size 2)
Item# 36111E

Product Description

Friendly Fish Swim Rings (size 2)
A popular alternative to the Nudgee Beach Swim Ring Size 2 (item 7188), these Friendly Fish rings are a great inflatable float for smaller teens and kids alike. Single air chambers with separate easy inflate safety valves. Bright colors and designs for clear visibility in the water.

Available in: Orange and Yellow, Green and Yellow and Pink and Blue, this generous circumference provides support and stability.

1. Inner Circumference: 31"
2. Inner Diameter: 10"
3. Outer Circumference: 95" (fish shape)
4. Total Diameter: 32" X 30"
5. Height of Float Inflated: 6"

Please note: This is not a lifesaving device. Do not leave children unattended while the device is in use. Will not protect against drowning. Use only under constant supervision.