Funstik Cushioned Jousting Noodle

Funstik Cushioned Jousting Noodle
Item# 9835

Product Description

Funstik Cushioned Jousting Noodle
Flexible non-absorbent closed cell foam. Assorted colors.

Perfect for a medieval game of jousting or if you want to pretend you're a gladiator warrior!

Connectors at each end of noodle enable Funstiks to be joined together for pool games or act as a barrier within the pool. Great for making fun shapes in the pool! Many versatile uses include flotation aid, aqua aerobics, pool fitness, water confidence, fun and pool games. GREAT VALUE!

Noodle races anyone? Sit on foam noodles, using your arms to pull yourself across the length of the pool. Try a variety of movements with your arms such as front crawls, breast strokes, and doggy paddling to incorporate different reaching and pulling methods.

Special Needs Corner:
Closed cell foam noodle with connectors placed under the stomach provide buoyancy or underneath arm pits during breaststroke provide stability in water.

33" long including connectors at each end.
Diameter of water noodle: 2.5"