Hyper Flex Spiky Glove

Hyper Flex Spiky Glove
Item# PV-594

Product Description

The Hyper Flex Spiky Glove is the perfect toy to have around during long wait times, therapy sessions, or just while having fun at home! It is a fun, squishy fidget toy that fits neatly on your hand. It can be used to help develop basic motor control such as touching and gripping. Also perfect for those with ASD or sensory issues. Cool to the touch. Stretchy tentacles will prove to be a great stress reliever and may assist with attention and concentration.

Since the Glove is so squeezable and fidgety they have a practical application for low level hand therapy. Also good for distraction and as an anxiety relieving toy for kids with behavioral problems.

These spiky gloves are designed to fit either the right or left hand. Hand-washable. For ages 5 and up

For Something Different: Children can dip the spikes into paint and apply to paper. A perfect solution for tactile and pressure therapy. Ideal for use at home or the classroom.