Hair Guard & Ear Guard Headband

Hair Guard & Ear Guard Headband
Item# 13464

Product Description

Hair Guard & Ear Guard Headband
Headcovers patented new product will extend your swim cap, helping to keep your hair dry underneath your swim cap. Slip this specially engineered headband in place and pull down over the hairline to help seal out water while you swim. Any swim cap can be worn over the top. The hair guard also provides additional water protection over the ears.

Made of 100% silicone, this durable headband comes in a multitude of colors to match or blend with your swim cap.

Colors Include:
Clear Water
Royal Blue

Customer Comments:

"Head band keeps hair dry all along the hairline while fitting snuggly to head. "

"I have not been swimming much lately because I have "swimmers ear" and have to be very careful about getting water in that ear. Thank goodness, on the spur of the moment, I decided to include this in my order. "

" They definitely help keep your hair dry and bathing cap in place. It acts like a seal and have ordered several over the year. "