HiHoppers Jump Ball

HiHoppers Jump Ball
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Product Description

HiHoppers Jump Ball
Improve your child's flexibility, coordination and strength with this ball made from thick PVC vinyl. Easy to grip Handle for smaller hands. Soft to touch.

The name of this product refers to the Vestibular system which consists of the inner ear area and most affects our balance and spatial orientation. Frequent use of this jump ball will help your child's development in this area greatly.

Features: 50cm or 60cm Bouncy Ball with handle Safe recessed reinflatable valve Durable For ages 4 years and up Durable Grab n' grip handle. Bright solid colors with no writing on them

Customer Comment: This ball is HUGE! It's bigger than any large exercise ball I've seen. It's perfect! I went through them as a kid and recently got the urge to get one. My friends in their 20's & 30's love it! Even my 63 year old silly mother gave it a try! We all agree it's fun & leaves you panting and laughing within minutes! Great workout! Finding a place to keep it is the only tricky part!

Size Options:
50cm Red
60cm Green

WARNING: DO NOT USE OVER INFLATED Stability balls should be inflated with a manual pump (not included), kept away from sharp objects and used on a FLAT and SMOOTH surface only.

This listing is for a HiHopper Jump Ball in your choice of size!