Hipster Reusable Swim Pant - Adult

Hipster Reusable Swim Pant - Adult
Item# 9568A
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Product Description

My Pool Pal Swim-sters Reusable diapers are perfect for those that require a diaper when swimming. Designed to not absorb or contain liquids but can contain solids without adding weight. Great for those with bowel incontinence. Designed to not come apart in the water and clog filters. Can be worn discretely under bathing suits. Significantly help reduce deadly bacteria contamination in and around swimming areas, helping public swimming facilities meet standards for healthy swimming.

Cleaning Instructions:

Machine Wash Air Dry


White Pink Royal Blue Black

Choose from the following sizes:

Adult Extra-Small (22-34 inch waist, 15-22 legs/119-141 lbs)

Adult Small (29-36 inch waist, 19-23 inch legs)

Adult Medium (32-40 inch waist, 20-25 inch legs)

Adult Large (36-44 inch waist, 21-27 inch legs)

Adult X-Large ( 40-50 inch waist, 23-29 inch legs)