Inflatable Stability Pad

Inflatable Stability Pad
Item# SS-026616

Product Description

Inflatable Stability Pad
The Stability Pad measuring 12-3/4 inches Diameter is large enough and can be used in numerous ways, from the fun of a Wobble Walk to the seriousness of core strength development exercises. The colorful, attractive stability pads can be used in a number of ways to increase children's core strength. The Stability Pads have fluted sidewalls making them stable at all levels of inflation. Children of different ages can practice their balance on their feet by using the Stability Pads as a wobble walk, or they can work on other muscle areas by kneeling, laying, sitting, or standing still on them. Stability Pads can be modified for children who have varying degrees of muscle strength. Begin children's experience with little to no inflation, and gradually increase the inflation to make their experience more challenging and to work their muscles more. Stability Pads can also be used as floor cushions to help children who find it challenging to sit still to have slight movement; or fully inflate the Stability Pad to make it a mini therapy ball. Pad that runs flat to 10-1/2 inches high may be sat, laid and most significantly stepped upon.

Height:2-1/4 inches

Size:12-3/4 inch Diameter X 2-1/4 inch Height