iPlay Closeout Youth Swim Diapers

iPlay Closeout Youth Swim Diapers
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Product Description

These washable pants can be worn with regular or disposable undergarments to provide an effective moisture barrier between clothing and the body.The nylon material make these pants less noisy and the sewn in elastic waist band and leg openings provide a secure, comfortable fit.

The pants are made of a non-absorbent, breathable material that won't come apart and clog pool filtration systems. Effective in containing solids without adding weight or disintegrating. These diapers are made to hold a “normal” bowel movements. These Swim Diapers are designed to be discretely worn under a swimsuit in order to increase their effectiveness. Also popular when used as training pants. Neat individual packaging. Swim pants are shipped in a discrete plain white non marked mailer.


Size 6/7 Waist 10" - 20" Legs: 7" - 14"

Size 10/11 Waist 11" - 22" Legs: 8" - 16"

Size 12/13 Waist 23" - 11.5" Legs: 17" - 8.5"

Diapers are PVC and Phthalates free.

Instructions on how to Care For Your Youth Swim Diaper:
After use:
1. Rinse well
2. Cold machine wash, using mild soap
3. Do not bleach or iron
4. Tumble dry low