Latex FREE Exercise Bands- 150 Feet

Latex FREE Exercise Bands- 150 Feet
Item# 8014

Product Description

Latex FREE Exercise Bands- 150 Feet
Latex-Free. Powder-free. Odor-free. Chlorine resistant. Bulk roll of 150 feet.

Non-allergenic bands that provide graded resistance for strengthening exercises, proprioceptive stimulation, positioning, and are ideal for group sensory-motor activities. Materials stretch smoothly, will not snap back when stretched and offer just enough tack for a comfortable, sure grip. Compact sized box for easy transportation. Made of FDA-approved synthetic polymer material. 4" width evenly distributes pressure. Click on the small thumbnail image for exercise suggestions.

Peach- Light, rehab $52.90
Orange- Medium, average woman $66.30
Green- Heavy, average man $80.70
Blue- Extra Heavy, active $97.95
Plum- Super Heavy, athlete $109.99