Learn to Swim Bubble Back Float

Learn to Swim Bubble Back Float
Item# 9321

Product Description

This Back Float is a best seller amongst young swimmers new to the water. Made with four high density closed cell foam panels, the buoyancy can be varied by removing and adding individual panels. Latex free. The belt is adjustable up to 42 inches and adjustable with fast clip. Suitable for approximately 2 years and over. Supports up to 50 lbs. Neat shrink wrap packaging. Makes for both a practical and colorful introduction to swimming.

The Bubble Back Float can be worn on the swimmer's back for early stroke development e.g. dog paddle, or worn on the swimmer's front to assist in floating, sculling, kicking or backstroke. Experience has shown that two layers of foam in combination with Float Bands (item 7185) is sufficient to introduce the novice swimmer to a 45 degree prone position for dog paddle. As the swimmer's skills improve, reducing and then eliminating the Float Bands is recommended, followed by layers of the Bubble Back Float.

Foam size: 8.5" x 7" x 3.5"

Special Needs Corner:
The Bubble Back Float is a valuable aid for swimmers with a greater level of disability e.g. cerebral palsy. It helps maintain a safe and balanced position in the water in anticipation of further water skills being acquired. The spinal cord injured swimmer may experience hips and legs dragging on the pool floor. Just one layer of the Adjustable Back Float gives a small degree of buoyancy where hips are lifted a little and leg drag is reduced. With a more stable position in the water, the swimmer can concentrate on developing their arm movements.