Long Bar Buoy

Long Bar Buoy
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Long Bar Buoy
This barbell is perfect for increasing flexibility while also strengthening the muscles in one's upper back, abdomen, and upper extremities. Uses are as numerous and varied as stroke victims practicing gait training and blind swimmers using it for a buffer while exercising in the water. Uses above water include: support and balance moves while holding it under water will create effective resistance as well as strength and conditioning exercises. Swimmer can sit on bar for balance, co-ordination and pelvic stabilization exercises. Latex Free.

Heavy-duty, lightweight caps seal the bar allowing air to be trapped inside and moisture outside. The specialized foam discs are meant to last longer with constant exposure to sunlight to ensure a longer life of your product.

Dimensions: Features 30" long PVC bar with a cushioned grip. At each end are 2 6" X 5" foam floats

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